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Commercial Laundry

We offer Commercial Laundry Design,Products and Installation for any commercial request. From Hotels to Hospitals and more, we can provide your dream commercial Laundry.

Commercial Laundry

Architectural Services

Here at Innovation St. Lucia, our commitment to providing the Caribbean with the highest standard of products applies to our Laundry department as well. We offer all units needed in a commercial laundry department. Our brands range from the classic American machines from UNIMAC to more tech savvy based machines from our European brands like Pony and Grandimpianti. We help you every step of the way, from Design to Sourcing, installation and AfterSales Support. Entrust us to give you the cleanest in laundry equipment available in the region. Take a look at our brands and products below.

Design Services


Site Visits and Consultation- We meet with you, our clients and discuss the origins of the project. We also visit the project sites to conduct measurements and evaluations.

Final Stages

Upon confirming the order with us, we handle the order and delivery of Equipment to the project site. Once arrived, we install, commission and hand over the finished product to our clients once there is mutual satisfaction. After Sales maintenance and support is offered throughout the lifetime of the product.


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